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What to Expect

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to expect

Whether something’s gone wrong, your car is due for maintenance, or you need a NYS inspection, it is time to bring your car into an auto shop. At Perinton Automotive Center Inc., we want to gain your trust and develop a relationship with you and your car. When you choose us, you can expect the best service possible.

Here is what a typical visit may look like:



What is important to you in an automotive service center:

  • Flexibility in scheduling your vehicle for service?
  • Having the owner on site?
  • Comfortable waiting area?
  • Free shuttle service? (approx 5 mile radius)
  • Fleet and Corporate Discounts?
  • Free Estimates?
  • Established Reputation?

Perinton Automotive Center Inc. offers all of this and more! For us customer service & satisfaction is our #1 priority. Call today to set up your appointment.



When you bring the vehicle in for service, we will have a conversation to understand the symptoms you are experiencing, the vehicle’s history, your goals for the vehicle’s future, and your preferred outcome.


Thorough Examination

Our technicians will test drive the vehicle to duplicate the concern, conduct a service bulletin search for any common causes and problems, and perform a thorough examination and diagnosis.



Once we have a diagnosis, we will create an estimate and talk to you about our findings. If we find anything else that needs to be addressed, we’ll let you know about that as well. Our first priority is to inform you so you can decide if and when to have the needed services performed.

As we talk, we’ll try to understand your goals for the car. Do you want to run it another 10 years? We will seek out a high-quality part that will give you more mileage. Do you want to put it on the curb and sell it in a couple months? We can seek out more “economy” and cost effective parts or solutions. We’ll order a reliable part that is more cost effective. Whatever your goals, we will work with our trusted vendors to get the best cost for the part that best fits your needs.



Once we’ve worked together to determine the best solution, the parts will be ordered and we’ll get to work. Our technicians are experienced and use the best tools of the trade. Your vehicle is in good hands!



When we are confident that we’ve solved your car’s problem and it is ready for the road, you’ll be notified so you can pick it up at your convenience. We’ll provide you with an easy-to-understand invoice and answer any questions you may have.

Our goal is to give you a great experience! When you choose us, we will do right by you and make sure you drive away in a safe and reliable vehicle. Call us today and schedule your appointment: 585-377-1660.